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Exclusive 1-1 coaching can work for athletes at any level. Why? Every athlete is different, has varied needs, goals and desired outcomes. While CrossFit General Programming is a great way to achieve these goals, some people prefer the more intimate attention of one on one coaching.

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I joined Crossfit 353 a little over a year ago and have never been fitter, stronger or happier

Tim Adams

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While CrossFit is great for training in a group, some are more comfortable in a one on one setting. Personal training offer a more individualised program bespoke to your own needs. Whether that’s weight gain or weight loss. If you’re preparing for a marathon or a wedding. If you are new to training and would prefer some one on one attention to get you moving why not give us a shout? If this sounds like you then why not enquire about doing some Personal Training with us here at CrossFit 353. We have two custom built studios at our Bath Avenue base and offer individual or small group trainings in same.

Whether your goal is appearance, health or performance related why not reach out and speak to one of our team here.

We have worked with clients as young as 4 and 5 years old. We work with many members parents in the 60+ age bracket. We also work with members and others who want to work on specific goals and feel more comfortable in a more intimate setting.

We run Personal training in 10 session blocks. These blocks cost €600 (€60 per session) and are prepaid. All payments are non transferable & non refundable. Terms and conditions apply. PT sessions are to be organised at a time to suit both the trainer and the trainee. Late cancellations (within 2 hours) means you lose that session. The 10 sessions must be used over an 8 week period from the date of the first session.

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