Mobility @CrossFit 353 is extremely important. While we look to add some level of mobility into all classes it’s important to invest some time in rest and recovery to avoid injury and keep yourself fit and healthy.

The ability to express the full range of motion of your joints is crucial to your longevity as a human and the level of activity and independence you can enjoy into later life. Here at CrossFit 353 movement and mobility sit atop the pyramid for us. If we can move well, then and only then will we consider adding intensity through increased load, time / task domains etc.

Something as simple as keeping a foam roller on the living room floor at home and squashing / mashing your muscles when sore can often yield great returns in your recovery from training but also helping to reduce the chances of injury.

Some other great resources for mobility online include:




If you have any mobility queries please reach out to one of the coaches here at the gym.