Meet The Coaches

Coach Rachel

Coach Rachel is a burpee loving, thruster fanatic with a Level 1 CrossFit qualification and a BSc Hons degree in Sports Science and Health. Rachel has an attitude of educating and inspiring all who walk through the doors of 353. “It’s not about being able to do it all, but about doing your best at what you can do, each day”.

Coach Shane

Coach Shane is a level 2 CrossFit Coach and a Level 1000 Cool Dad. Shane will get you looking forward to class with his positive attitude, attentive coaching, and a few laughs along the way. Shane says “Eat your vegetables. Do hard exercise. Above all else, just do your best; that’s good enough”.

Coach Denis

Coach Denis is a master of movement; whether it’s capoeira or clean and jerk, surfing or snatches, Denis is your guy. Based in Rio, Denis spreads his knowledge across the world with his online coaching and Handstand workshops. Want to see something cool? Check his Insta. Want to learn how to do something cool? Get in touch.