Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequent questions that we are asked. If you have a question that isn’t answered, please feel free to contact us.

Do I need a base level of fitness to start?

Absolutely not. The beauty of CrossFit is that absolutely everything can (and is) modified daily to the needs of our clients. We’ve onboarded everyone from 65 year olds completely new to the gym space, to 6 year old kids. We’re also the friendliest group in town. Sure come try a class and see for yourself… first one’s on us.

What does a class look like?

Everything at CrossFit 353 is coach lead & pre rehearsed. Let our top class coaches bring your training to a new level.

  1. General Warm Up – light movements to oil the joints, slowly raise the body temperature & fire up the nervous system;
  2. Specific Warm Up – Based on what’s coming up in class we’ll prepare the main movements & their component parts.The focus here is around building greater understanding & honing technique.
  3. WoD – The workout of the day – Crossfit programming changes daily so this could be anything from a 3km Row for time to Handstand walking. Again if this seems a lot remember there are loads of levels for everyone to achieve the same stimulus.
  4. Strength / Skill – we’ll practice some lifts (squat, press, deadlift, clean / snatch) with either a skill or strength based focus.
  5. Cool Down: gentle stretching movements to lower the heart rate and loosen the joints post workout.

Do you you have showers and changing facilities?

  • Point Square – no, please arrive ready to train, we have lockers for your valuables but no changing rooms or showers