CrossFit at 353 is focused on getting people moving better. We focus on functional movements(squatting, gymnastics, running etc). Our aim at CrossFit 353 is get you moving better and fitter, through safe movements and excellent coaching.

We program for the general population here at 353, asking our athletes to be generally decent at all moments instead of excelling in one particular area. We focus on getting our athletes fast, strong, fitter and mobile.

A typical class runs as follows:

  1. Warm Up & Mobility: Some specific activation work to get the body firing and prepared for the movements that will be performed during the strength. This will often involve some skill work with a PvC pipe progressing onto an unloaded Olympic Bar.
  2. Strength & Skill: Depending on the day we will perform a pull, push, gymnastic or olympic skill or lift. In English this equates to perhaps a deadlift (pull), shoulder press (push), handstand (gymnastic) or snatch (olympic lift). The focus always is very much on technique and skill,then followed by load and intensity.
  3. WOD (Workout of the Day): This is our chance to ramp up the heart rate and get a good sweat going. The WoD is a series of exercises performed against either a time or repetitions constraint. While the stimulus remains the same for all athletes the load and intensity is scaled based on level and experience.

In everything we do in CrossFit we try to follow the 1. Mechanics, 2. Consistency 3. Intensity mindset. We focus on the mechanics of the movement first without weight. Only when we can perform these movements consistently well do we start putting pressure on the mechanics by adding load & intensity constraints.

If you’ve any queries about how general programming works or would like to come try a free intro class please email [email protected]


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