Thursday 15th of Feb

Warm Up

Alternating Tabatta
1. Lunges
2. Sit Up

Two Rounds
10 Pull Aparts
10 stoh
[pvc-tech bar-empty bar]



10-1(10min cap)
scale down to sit ups x double reps(20-18-16etc)



4reps e2mom x 12mins


Wednesday 14th of Feb

Warm Up

Three rouns of 20s of:
MB Clean
Air Squat
Push Up
Pass Through

Barbell Prep
Clean tech
Squat shoulder mob
Clean – Squat Complex



7 rounds for time(11min cap):

7 power cleans(hang power clean),

7 front squat,

7 burpee over the bar.


Swole and Sexy Work 

15min emom:
Min 1: 10 ring push ups
Min 2: 30sec hollow hold
Min 3: kb bent over row x10


Tuesday 13th of Feb

Warm up

Fast feet coach led
1: burpee
2: squat
3: funny jump



handstand skill work
0-4mins: hs kick ups(donkey kicks/trying to hold free standing) quality over quanitity

5-9mins: gymnastic plank hold x :30on, :30off-scale up to hs hold against wall(nose facing no kick ups just walk ins)

10-14mins: headstand practice



24Min emom:
min0-2: 30/20/10 cal row
min2-4: 20/15/10 cal bike
min4-6: rest
goal is to try get the cals done as fast as possible


Monday 12th of Feb

Warm Up

Three rounds, in 3’s:
20 on 10 off:
cal bike
banded good morning



45-33-21: (no time cap)
wallball 30/20
kb swing 24/16



E2mom x 10mins:
5 power clean and stoh
scale down to hang clean and stoh(push press)


Saturday 11th of Feb

Carolines Going Away WOD

Surprise 😉


Friday 10th of Feb

Warm Up 

Coaches call



100 thrusters for time.

EMOM 5 Burpees

(15min cap)



e2mom x 16mins
ring dip x 5-10
scale up to rmu/bmu 1-5
scale down to banded ring dip



Thursday 9th of Feb

Warm Up

10 Plank Shoulder Taps
10 banded good morning
10 face pulls
10 Lunges



In a team of 3:

row as many meters as possible in 21mins.

split time on rower as needed



4 x 2min rounds:

5/10/15 pull ups

max doubles in remaining time.

no rest between rounds

scale up to: c2b scale to ring row

score is double lowest + highest set of DU


Wednesday 8th of Feb

Warm Up

Crab Crawl High5s

10 Lunges
10 Pass Throughs
10 Leg Swings
10 Pull Apart

Around the world

Barbell prep



1 full hang snatch(squat) every 30sec x 12mins
scale to full snatch(squat)



20min amrap:

15ub wallballs,

5 hang power snatches

scale up to full power snatch, scale to kb swing


Tuesday 7th of Feb

Warm Up

In Pairs
A: Bear Crawl Up
B: Hollow Hold
A: Sumo Back
B: Push Up

Time – coaches call



box jump,
hspu(push up)
rest 2 mins


e2mom x 14mins:
30sec hollow hold + 5 hollow pull backs on rig(can alt with partner)
scale up to ttb x 2-15


Monday 6th of Feb

Warm Up

20s of:
Jump Jacks
Pass Through
Push Up

Three rounds



12min amrap:
20 sit ups
10 lunges left arm
10 lunges right arm
scale up to oh lunge



16min emom:
Min 1: 10 ring rows(everyone)
Min 2: 10 barbell press from the floor & seated