Tuesday 13th of Feb

Warm up

Fast feet coach led
1: burpee
2: squat
3: funny jump



handstand skill work
0-4mins: hs kick ups(donkey kicks/trying to hold free standing) quality over quanitity

5-9mins: gymnastic plank hold x :30on, :30off-scale up to hs hold against wall(nose facing no kick ups just walk ins)

10-14mins: headstand practice



24Min emom:
min0-2: 30/20/10 cal row
min2-4: 20/15/10 cal bike
min4-6: rest
goal is to try get the cals done as fast as possible


Monday 12th of Feb

Warm Up

Three rounds, in 3’s:
20 on 10 off:
cal bike
banded good morning



45-33-21: (no time cap)
wallball 30/20
kb swing 24/16



E2mom x 10mins:
5 power clean and stoh
scale down to hang clean and stoh(push press)


Saturday 11th of Feb

Carolines Going Away WOD

Surprise 😉


Friday 10th of Feb

Warm Up 

Coaches call



100 thrusters for time.

EMOM 5 Burpees

(15min cap)



e2mom x 16mins
ring dip x 5-10
scale up to rmu/bmu 1-5
scale down to banded ring dip



Thursday 9th of Feb

Warm Up

10 Plank Shoulder Taps
10 banded good morning
10 face pulls
10 Lunges



In a team of 3:

row as many meters as possible in 21mins.

split time on rower as needed



4 x 2min rounds:

5/10/15 pull ups

max doubles in remaining time.

no rest between rounds

scale up to: c2b scale to ring row

score is double lowest + highest set of DU


Wednesday 8th of Feb

Warm Up

Crab Crawl High5s

10 Lunges
10 Pass Throughs
10 Leg Swings
10 Pull Apart

Around the world

Barbell prep



1 full hang snatch(squat) every 30sec x 12mins
scale to full snatch(squat)



20min amrap:

15ub wallballs,

5 hang power snatches

scale up to full power snatch, scale to kb swing


Tuesday 7th of Feb

Warm Up

In Pairs
A: Bear Crawl Up
B: Hollow Hold
A: Sumo Back
B: Push Up

Time – coaches call



box jump,
hspu(push up)
rest 2 mins


e2mom x 14mins:
30sec hollow hold + 5 hollow pull backs on rig(can alt with partner)
scale up to ttb x 2-15


Monday 6th of Feb

Warm Up

20s of:
Jump Jacks
Pass Through
Push Up

Three rounds



12min amrap:
20 sit ups
10 lunges left arm
10 lunges right arm
scale up to oh lunge



16min emom:
Min 1: 10 ring rows(everyone)
Min 2: 10 barbell press from the floor & seated



Saturday 4th of Feb

Coach Royce is up this week. He tested this workout out on his own and said it was brilliant



Partner WOD(one works while one rests)

Part 1: 12 min Amrap

5 thrusters

5 burpees over the bar.

4min rest

Part 2: 12min Amrap

7 front squat

7 C2B, pull ups or ring rows


Friday 3rd of Feb

Warm Up

In Pairs, alternate:
Bear Crawl Up and back
Hollow Hold

coach led activation



3 rounds(12min cap):

100 doubles,

50 overhead kb swings
(scale down to 50 doubles or 100 singles)



E2mom x 8 sets:

10 pike push ups.
scale up to strict hspu(allowed finish off on kipping).
scale down to push ups

try to complete 10 reps every round(mix and match if needed)