Saturday 25th of February 

Saturday class will be at 10am-11am

The WOD will be a surprise but it will be designed by you guys. It’ll be fun and light after the open on Friday night 

We will be running the Open WOD from 11am-1pm(the last heat starts at 1pm so please show up 20mins before you plan to WOD to warm up)


Friday 24th of February 

Today every class will be doing the Open WOD. We don’t find out what this will be until late Thursday evening.

Classes will run as normal through out the day. 

We’ll warm you up, then split into heats where everyone will get a judge 

It’s about having some fun and giving it your all so best of luck 


Thursday 23rd of February 

If you plan to attack the open on Friday then you should take today off. If Saturday is your day then today is designed to just get the body moving and blood flowing 

Coach led bear crawl 

18min emom 

Min 1: 30 sec row

Min 2: 30 sec bike

Min 3: 30 sec air squats

15 min emom 

Min 1: 30 sec Russian twists 

Min 2: 30 sec plank hold

Min 3: 30 sec flex extend(vup)


Wednesday 22nd of February 


4mins of banter laps

3rounds(9min cap)

100 double unders(50/high singles)

20 burpees

E3mom x 15mins

10 seated double kb press 


10 underhand barbell bent over row


Tuesday 21st of February 


20 sec burpees

20 sec hollow

20 sec arch

5min AMRAP

5 box jumps

10 kb swings

Rest 2mins



E2mom x 10mins

Set 1: 10 hang squat cleans(up to full squat cleans)

Set 2: 8 reps 

Set 3: 6 reps

Set 4: 4 reps

Set 5: 2 reps


Monday 20th of February 

This week will be light(ish) leading up the Open that starts this Friday. Any questions on the programming just ask one of your coaches 🙂 


4min amrap

10 push ups

10 squats 

10 step bear crawl 

15min AMRAP

50 lunges

5/10/15 push ups/hspu 


15min emom 

Min 1: 30 sec hollow

Min 2: 30 sec arch

Min 3: 30 sec kipping hollow and arch /c2b pull ups 


Saturday 18th of Feb

Warm Up

Looseness by Gaz


Coach Kev’s WOD

“Mini Nate, with a second date”
Part A: In a team of 2 (I complete 2 pull ups, you complete 2 pull ups etc)

10min AMRAP
2 Pull Up(muscle up)
4 Push Up(hspu)
8 Overhead Swings

Record Rounds and Reps i.e.7+8

Rest 2mins (

Part B:


Friday 17th of Feb

Warm Up 

Bear Crawl laps of big room
break up laps with:
Push Up
Air Squat
Shoulder Taps
Hollow Hold
T-Spine Mob
Spidey Stretch – or hip mob of choice?!



5 rounds:
10 c2b/pull ups/ring rows
20 air squats(everyone gets mb)



e3mom x 15mins:

oh squat x 10


Thursday 15th of Feb

Warm Up

Alternating Tabatta
1. Lunges
2. Sit Up

Two Rounds
10 Pull Aparts
10 stoh
[pvc-tech bar-empty bar]



10-1(10min cap)
scale down to sit ups x double reps(20-18-16etc)



4reps e2mom x 12mins


Wednesday 14th of Feb

Warm Up

Three rouns of 20s of:
MB Clean
Air Squat
Push Up
Pass Through

Barbell Prep
Clean tech
Squat shoulder mob
Clean – Squat Complex



7 rounds for time(11min cap):

7 power cleans(hang power clean),

7 front squat,

7 burpee over the bar.


Swole and Sexy Work 

15min emom:
Min 1: 10 ring push ups
Min 2: 30sec hollow hold
Min 3: kb bent over row x10