Before and After CrossFit 353

Johnny O’D

“I was in a poor place both mentally and physically when I joined 353. I’d known coach Pete for a long time and I decided to pop down to his new gym for a session. I’ll never forget that session, the intensity, the darkness, and how exposed I felt during. It was horrible. More importantly though, I’ll never forget how good I felt after it. How happy and satisfied I was for pushing myself so far out of my comfort zone (it had been way too long). I needed that feeling. A week later, when my body had finally recovered enough from it’s first gym session in years, I joined up. Five years later and I still get it that amazing feeling every day. I’m so thankful for that horrible first session.”

Laura F

“I have always loved fitness (never CrossFit), but 6 months after moving to Dublin I was still struggling to find my group of friends – so, I decided to drop in to CrossFit 353. A year later and I’ve found lifelong friends and learned a few new tricks as well! The coaches are incredible, always focusing on safety, technique and inclusivity of all no matter your fitness level. I could not recommend this place more, whether you’re looking to improve your fitness goals or find your new friend group.”

Katarina M

“From a couch potato to Handstand Push Ups and some pretty heavy deadlifts is how I would describe my CrossFit journey so far. Joining the CrossFit 353 crew not only helped me to change my physique but more importantly pursue a healthier lifestyle overall.”

Sergey L

“The biggest transformation has been in my self-assurance and mental health. Training in such a supportive, judgement free environment has had a really positive impact not only on my progress in training, but also on life outside the gym. The community in CF353 is something truly unique.”

Niall Mc C

“Since joining CrossFit 353 I have been transformed both physically and mentally. I have been coached by the best in the business and supported by a community of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Joining 353 has proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Wilnes R

“Since I started CrossFit I can feel how my body gets strong, every workout is a mental challenge and during an hour I can only focus on how to do my best. the coaches are amazing and the 353 Community are very supportive and full of good vibes.”

Huseyin A

“From an unhealthy pre-diabetic, angry and hungry man to a happier, fitter and a more confident human…

Many thanks to the dedicated and enthusiastic crew and the beautiful and inspiring community at CrossFit 353 that helped me transform.”

Ben L

“I joined CrossFit 353 not knowing very much about CrossFit or what to expect, only that it seemed to be a serious challenge, produce great results and be somewhat social. I couldn’t have been more right! All of my expectations were surpassed. I have tried many CrossFit gyms over the few years, and none compare to what the lads have created. CrossFit 353 have created an environment where you are guaranteed the best hour of your day surrounded by some incredible people. My outlook on fitness and the value it can add to your life has been shaped there, through 353 I have found a lifelong passion.”