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Why I Love Coaching – Peter Burke

Why I love coaching – Peter Burke Coaching helps me build new relationships and challenges me to learn and improve everyday. This piece is a sort of proxy self-reflection log on the why and the how of coaching. What motivates me and why do I get so much out of it? In no particular order…

Life is like an iPhone – Kevin Croke

Over training   “Life is like an iPhone” Life used to be like a box of chocolates, now it’s like a computer chip…or more specifically like an iPhone. While you’re debating this analogy let’s answer a question: how do you reset your iPhone? For example, when it’s running slowly or not working to its full…


Wednesday 16th December

WARM UP Coaches circle of fun   STRENGTH EMOM X 15MINS MIN1: 3-5 pull ups(strict-add weight/muscle up) min2: 30-45 sec hollow hold min3: 5 x hollow scap pull ups   WOD EMOM X 20Mins 3 x hang cleans max double unders in remaining time score is last weight used + lowest double scores


Tuesday December 15th

WARM UP 5min amrap 5reps; oh squat, snatch balance, high hang pull   STRENGTH E3MOM X15mins; high hang snatch pull x 1 high hang snatch high pull x 1 muscle snatch x 1   WOD buy in max pull ups then 4 rounds for time 12 lunges(oh single arm) 24kb swings

Transition Year Work Experience at CrossFit 353

My Week at CrossFit 353. My week at CrossFit 353 has most definitely been a highlight of my year so far. The week gave me an excellent opportunity to broaden my knowledge on CrossFit and conditioning as a whole. It gave me an insight into what it takes to run a gym and run classes.…


Saturday December 6

600m team run Burgner warm up and activation- quad hip opener 60 secs each side, hold squat 60 secs Every 90 seconds x 12mins-1x hang cleans & 1x  full clean In teams of 2 get as far up the ladder as possible in 15mins, 3 burpee box jumps, 3 hang squat cleans, 6.6, 9.9 etc


Friday 5 December

3 rnds: 30 sec mb throw rotations, 30 sec monster walks with band Barbell prep with hip activation: flamingo, straight leg split, glute rotation E2mom x 16mins back squat x 6 reps 24min EMOM: min 1: 15 kb swings, min 2: 10/10 lunges(kb), min 3: 5 strict chins/ring rows partner pancakes


Thursday 4 December

5min amrap-Bear crawl down rig, lunge back, 10 band good mornings Barbell prep with skaters E2momx16mins sumo deadlift x 6 reps 8 rounds: 1 wall climb, 5/5 alt DB snatch, curb run Prayer squat to h’string stretch 4 x 30