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Hand Care for CrossFit

By 13th August 2020No Comments



There is nothing worse than tearing your hands mid workout, leaving you out of finishing the session and maybe even training for the next few days. It is super important to take care of your hands inside and outside of the gym. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to look after them to prevent tears, but also what to do in case your hand does tear.

Preventing Tears


Grip:  Try adjusting your grip on the rig, you should try and grip the bar with the base of your fingers rather than the full palm. Avoid death gripping the bar too, that way less skin is compressed against the bar, and your hand can move more freely with the bar.



Chalk + Rig = Callouses


Callouses are hard pieces of skin which form on the hands from the use of chalk and friction between the skin and objects such as the barbell. Hard callouses can often cause tears.


How to prevent callouses ripping mid-workout:

  • File them down using a pumice stone or razor, after you shower when your hands are swollen and soft. File callous until you no longer feel sharp edges.
  • Apply moisturiser before sleeping every night.


What to do if your hand rips?


  • Disinfect rig and hands. 
  • Cut away skin closest to the tear to prevent any further ripping.
  • Wrap your hand in a gauze to protect the rip, but also allow air in.
  • Make some grips from athletic tape when you are using the rig again.
  • Invest in some healing products such as WODWelder.



Handcare kit for your bag – antibiotic, bandages, athletic tape and gauze.


Try the few tips and tricks above and if you’ve any queries, questions or would like to learn more please feel free to reach out to me directly: