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A Novice Guide to Road Running From CrossFit 353

By 24th April 2020No Comments

“I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days” – Ronald Rook


I’ve never been a good runner. The recent lockdown allied with time pressures, multiplied by previously unknown anxieties have shunted me out the door. I’ve been running fairly consistently for the last 5 weeks and I’m feeling good for it!

Here’s what I’ve found helpful;

Download a tracking app Map My Run or Strava, (there’s loads out there);
Seeing your own distances, split times & cals burned offers a snippet of internal competition & accountability. It almost ‘gameifies’ training alone.


Try building a routine and sticking to it;
Having struggled with a training routine in the first weeks of lockdown I’ve found my “slot” that I can go to and train almost everyday. Lunch time nap for my daughter usually gives me 2 hours guaranteed – so everyday at this time I do something;

I’ll do the CrossFit 353 Home WoD day one, run 5.5km day two, CrossFit 353 core & mobility day 3 & run a slow long run day 4 & repeat;
I’ve yet to do any CrossFit 353 Yoga but its on my “next to do”

Listen to your body:
If you’re new to running start slow and steady & build up from there;
If you have niggles & joint pain don’t go out and exacerbate them – take a rest & go when feeling better 🙂

Find something good to listen to 🙂
I find podcasts & audiobooks best for me to switch off & get some headspace while running (the primary reason I’m doing it)I find having the right music / audio can make the time fly and really help!
If you’re beginning with walking, use this time for phone calls – the time and kms fly by with a good natter.


Make it social
Try encourage some family & friends to get involved;
Perhaps set up a little WhatsApp group to share runs & encouragement.
I’ve found this to be a really strong support system & encouragement to get out, get the run in and share your progress with the group!

Linked below my favourite YouTube video of all time – hopefully this encourages you to get out for a light trot 🙂

If you need any help with your training from home why not get in touch with the team at CrossFit 353.

We’re here to help!