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Ediths Intro to CrossFit

By 3rd April 2020No Comments

Hi there, My name is Edith, I’m 39 and a Senior Manager in Accenture Ireland.

I have always loved sport and have been pretty sporty since school, where I played basketball and soccer. Aside from playing, I love watching sport. I love it so much I would probably watch competitive tiddlywinks if they showed it on TV!!

When I left university, I headed straight into the workforce and started working a desk job and soon after I started, I noticed the weight piling on. I got into a habit of addressing the situation with panic dieting, followed by 4 weeks of extreme exercise regimes that would work in the short term, but of course in the long term – I did more and more damage once I fell off the wagon. 

To cut a long story short, about 7 years ago I was at my heaviest and unhappiest. I was now diabetic and I decided enough was enough. I started to workout in my local gym and I while I loved the training, mentally it was torture. I was different and felt everyone was looking & judging me.

I carried on working out for about 3 or 4 months and once again got to a point of comfort. Unfortunately, my Father passed away very suddenly of a massive heart attack at just 68. Like me, Dad was a diabetic.

While it took me some time to recover from the shock of losing him so suddenly, it started an alarm bell ringing in my head.

I’d seen all the CrossFit documentaries on Netflix and marvelled at big stars, the Dottirs, Froning and of course Mat Fraser. I lusted after the idea of having such control over my body that I could do what they did every day. The reality however was so far removed that it just didn’t seem feasible.

On a lunchtime walk from the office one day in 2019, I stumbled upon CrossFit353 on Bath Avenue. I started peeking through the door of a lunchtime class when a SUPER enthusiastic and friendly Gary bounded over! Before we knew it, myself and my colleague were bowled over and booked in for a free trial.

We had our free trial the following week and I arrived with butterflies & knots in my stomach, these soon dissipated as I received an amazing welcome from the community. I didn’t feel like an alien or that i didn’t belong, it was different to how I felt so many times in the other gyms.

Needless to say, the first workout or WOD as they are called in CrossFit, nearly killed me! For a few days after I was in quite a lot of pain with DOMs, but I wanted more -glutton for punishment or what!

With every WOD I did, I found the coaches excellent at modifying particular movements for my skill level and pushing me further with their never ending support & encouragement.

At no point was I ever made to feel like I didn’t belong there, and I can honestly say being a member of CrossFit353 has changed, and possibly even saved my life.

Since January I have lost 7 kilos and my diabetes is under control, my bloods are moving towards “normal” and while the control I have over my body is not quite at “Davidsdottir” levels, I am certainly giving it a good go and making huge leaps in progress with every single workout I complete. As well as the physical health improvements, my mental health has never been better, I am more productive in my job and handle everyday stresses with ease.

I will turn 40 in a few months and I am determined to be in the shape of my life for the next decade and beyond. I’ll keep going and smashing my goals, and who knows maybe I’ll pop up in the Crossfit Games in 2021 😉

If you find yourself hovering at the door peeking in, just walk in and do it. You’ll never look back!