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CrossFit 353 -We’ve got your back

By 22nd February 2020No Comments

CrossFit 353 – We’ve got your back!

Have you ever had a stiff lower back or lower back pain? If you answer “yes” to this question, join the club! Virtually everyone has experienced lower back pain in some shape or form. Lower back pain can knock your confidence and be really frustrating. There is no single cause for lower back pain. Which means, unfortunately, there is no single cure to rid yourself of that pesky lower back niggle!

Take a step back

Before we address any movements or exercises, let’s take a look at some external factors which can have a big influence on lower back pain:

Increased amount of time spent at work or at a desk
High stress at work/at home
Poor nutrition
Poor sleep

These categories themselves are very broad. However, changes in these areas of our lives can have physical implications, such as stiffness, tension or even pain. Injuries and pain are multifaceted; so looking after ourselves both inside and outside the gym play a part in keeping ourselves feeling fit and healthy.

What can I do NOW?!

Stay moving, Stay Positive
If you have pain, focus on what you CAN do. Find the movements that do not illicit pain or discomfort and stay moving! Build your way back to full movements, limit load in problematic exercises until you get your confidence back.

Check your ego at the door
Don’t be the guy/gal that maxes out their deadlift with a camel-hump on their back after saying “jeez my lower back is a little sore today!”. We’ve all either been this person or met this person. Check your ego at the door, listen to your body and focus on quality of movement

It’s all in the hips!
Let’s be honest, we could all spend a little bit more time on stretching and mobility. Dedicating a little bit of time on our hips (glutes, hip flexors, groins, quads) can do wonders for relieving lower back tension and even pain. Here are a few nice movements that can help:

Hip flexor stretch


Box stretch


Get strong!
Don’t let previous lower back pain scare you off from picking up that barbell again! Strong muscles (hamstrings, glutes, lower back and core in particular) are an integral part of staying injury-free. Just ask Coach Denis!


We programme all of our sessions in 353 with our members in mind. We want you to get the best workout possible, move as well as possible and do that as often as possible. We want you to be healthier, stronger and fitter than ever before. When we coach, this is what we are thinking about. However, if you are having issues with a movement or with a body part, be it lower back or anywhere else – talk to your coach! We will do everything we can to help you. Don’t forget: We’ve got your back!