Linking Toes to Bar

By 20th February 2020 No Comments

Accessory work to improve gymnastics. Toes to bar to be exact.

A lot of the time, the movements we do in class have innumerable scaling options and choosing the right one, to get the most out of every workout is tough.

For example: when we see Toes to Bar x 10 reps x 6 rounds on the board, a few thoughts come into our head, “I have toes to bar but I couldn’t do 10 every round”, or, “I don’t have toes to bar and I’ve just learned what this ‘kipping’ movement is”! Which one do I choose??? Argh!!

As amazing as it is to get our first rep of any movement, especially the complicated gymnastics ones. It’s even more amazing in 3 months time to be able to say you can get those movements consecutively (linking reps) and we do that by breaking down the movement and working the component parts.

It requires a bit of discipline and having delayed gratification. All the accessory work we do short term has a lasting effect and makes those movements more effortless long term.

You got your first toes to bar – AMAZING!!! Now let’s take it back a step and work on:
really efficient kipping swing
lat activation whilst in the hollow position
Coordination linking a strong hollow into a tight arch
Core strength:
strict knee/leg raises (4-5 sets of 8-10 reps)
Kipping knees to armpits (efficient kip is the goal)
Kipping stiff leg raise (higher than hips with efficient kipping swing)

In time, coordination and strength improves but they, like EVERYTHING else, need work. This stuff takes time. It’s worth putting the effort in short term for the end goal of having them forever!

Get after the accessory work. 5 minutes before or after class is all it takes. It’s what makes the difference!

Peace and love,
Coach Andy.