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Why we all must get stronger – Coach Denis

By 6th February 2020No Comments

Here’s Why:

In the world of physical fitness there are many different aspects that need to be addressed in order to improve our CrossFit skills or even just to feel better during our normal activities day to day.

Strength training is one of these aspects, and it is just as important as your cardiorespiratory training, so don’t be scared to lift medium to heavy weights. If your technique is safe and you have an expert coach the benefits of a good lift are multiple.

Here in CrossFit 353 your strength routine will vary, with Olympic lifts like the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, squats, pulls, deadlifts and countless different bodyweight exercises. These moves are totally scalable and will gradually build a solid base in your body, strengthening it and prepa

ring you for various activities inside or outside the gym.

Sometimes in contrast to popular belief, weight training is highly recommended in any age range so whether you´re a kid, teen or a grandmother benefits like a better muscle tone, bone density and confidence are what you can expect.

CrossFit is a fun way to learn safe techniques and to make weight and other training a daily habit. If you are new you can of course try Personal training. The important thing is you are using your body. As they say; use it or lose it!

Let´s always remember the winning formula:


By Denis Domingues