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What’s working in fitness like…really?

By 4th October 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments


Almost a decade ago I was working in a job I didn’t like. I wasn’t very good at it and I wasn’t very happy. Roll it forward to present day and although there have been many bumps along the way, now I enjoy coming to work. Of course working in the fitness industry has some obvious benefits…from slipping into your lulu’s on Monday mornings to spending most of your day not behind a screen. But the primary reward for me, is the opportunity to help others. Trying to help others can make us feel good about ourselves. Narcissistic…? Maybe, but we leave work everyday thankful, knowing that we’ve achieved something important.

CrossFit 353 represents a small sanctuary or hideaway in the heart of Dublins Point Square (100m from 3Arena). Those that attend soon recognise that the aesthetic goals and improvements in performance are a by product of regularly turning up, having fun and hitting refresh from the stresses and strains of daily life. All classes are lead by qualified coaches. We’re incredibly proud of the coaching team here at CrossFit 353 and invest heavily in this area. We run a dynamic & challenging coaching development program & believe we are on the way to developing some of the best in the business. Our focus isn’t on who can lift the heaviest, run the fastest or shout the loudest. We challenge our coaches to communicate effectively, connect with members and help them feel safe. To give confidence to our members and to deliver on that trust. Trust is earned from investing time and effort in individuals. This is impossible unless you really care about helping them.

The majority of what we do at CrossFit 353 is class based group training. The social benefits of training with others of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities are considerable. Importantly we are also device free here when on the floor. For some this may represent the only hour of the day away from their smartphone and encourages good old fashioned conversation.

Pre pandemic we’ve noticed a significant pick up in  Personal Training. But which is better… Personal Training or CrossFit? I guess like all things; it depends. Let me use my dad Gerry who has recently started some Personal Training with us here at 353 as an example. Gerry is 68 this year and hadn’t set foot in a gym in the first 64 and a half years. Dad has changed nothing else in his lifestyle other than coming in and training 2-3 times a week. The difference in the space of his first 2 months was considerable.  Weight-loss, mobility, cardiovascular & respiratory markers are all moving in the right direction and he is now actively driving the training. It almost seems like he’s enjoying it! Could he do a CrossFit class, sure. But maybe for those later to fitness some one on one attention might be the best place to start. Others prefer the intimacy and focus of one on one training. Again this comes down to the individual. In essence what’s most important is that we’re training regularly. As a wise man once said; “use it or lose it”. And it’s definitely never too late.

Marc Anthony said “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”. I pretty sure we’re working here but we’re definitely enjoying the journey. The fact we can help others mental and physical wellbeing along the way is the greatest reward. Often a “high 5” or “well done” can go a lot further than we know. Maybe someone is living away from home, in a new city and may not receive any affection or physical contact day to day. The importance of a small gesture or caring word can consciously or otherwise help that individual feel valued.

If perhaps you find yourself in a rut or feeling a bit down in the dumps now & again why not try do something good for another. Give blood  ? Carry the shopping for an elderly neighbour? Give up your seat on the bus? Or maybe just give the Ma a call! Who knows you might even feel better for it!

Best, Peter