The Top 5 Reasons to CrossFit

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Is CrossFit the best training out there?


I believe so. If programmed sensibly and delivered with compassion, there is no reason why we cannot CrossFit several times weekly for the rest of our lives.

– But what’s different and special about CrossFit?  

  1. 1.  The Journey is the destination:

A lot of us began training with an aesthetic or performance goal. To get bigger or smaller, fitter or faster, maybe more attractive and (hopefully) desirable. There is nothing wrong 

with channeling this motivation for change. Let’s assume we reach our desired end goals…what then? With CrossFit this doesn’t happen. As CrossFit is a sport, we focus on learning new skills, improving movements and becoming accustomed to our own body and what works for us. Accordingly the visual transformations are often a by product of improving at the sport rather than crunching our way to oblivion for the perfect bikini insta on hols. With CrossFit there is no end goal. Accordingly we can be present and enjoy the process of training and meeting new people in a positive environment – every day.

2. True Love: giving people what they need vs. what they want:

We do one thing @353, we have one membership and one program that every member follows. We program for longevity, safety and happiness. Is this the sexiest, most exciting “insta-worthy” programming in the world? Probably not. Will you be unrecognisably fitter in 10 years from now if you train with us. I believe so. We add value to our members by helping them get leaner, more flexible, and, slowly but surely stronger. The emphasis is on our physical & mental development. This is achieved by following a low trajectory to a distant horizon*

3. Pressure is a privilege:

Life’s tough. So is training. But who wants an easy life? When we complete a challenge the brain rewards us with a little dopamine hit. If we earn this dopamine in the gym/work/home then all good. If we’re getting these hits from social media likes…not so good (read more on this here). We put our members under physical and mental stress by design. Once moderated carefully we learn to manage relative pressure, perform under stress and come out the other side feeling great. It might seem like a stretch but this practice performed regularly is uniquely transferable to everyday  life. When faced with an obstacle will I complain or get the head down and solve it?



4. Application to the stimulus:

CrossFit is amazing because it truly is for all people. If you’re super heavy & strong you’re probably better at strength training. Conversely if you’re light and lean you cardio could be your jam. If it doesn’t

challenge you, it won’t change you. With CrossFit we cannot cherry pick. We hit all movements every 10 days so if you’re overweight it’ll likely get you losing some timber. If you’re underweight the increased activity will require more calories to fuel which should normalise our bodyweight closer to a healthier level. Sometimes people prefer to X vs Y which is ok. However if we can apply a growth mindset to the stimulus and trust that the coaches are there to help your long term physical & mental health you won’t go wrong. As Jack Sparrow once said; “The problem is not the problem. Your attitude towards the problem is the problem”. In other words the stimulus is only as good as our application to said stimulus. Trust us-we’re here to help!

5. We’re not trying to be Pro-Athletes:

Many professional athletes have carefully designed nutrition programs. They have access to medical, physio, massage on a daily basis. They get paid to train, eat, sleep but most impactful: recover. We cannot or should not try emulate their training. Ask yourself: Why do I train? I know for me its mental first and physical second. Training is like therapy. It levels me out, reduces stress and helps me feel good about myself. If you’re not a pro athlete, is trying to train like a pro athlete a long term investment in your wellbeing? Who are you? What are your goals? And Why? If we dig into these questions honestly, I think we can find a training environment that suits our needs.

If you’re interested you can check out the broad guidelines on how we design classes here at CrossFit 353.

You can see our Programming Principles outlined below:

Look after yourself,



*Ben Bergeron piece.