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Hand Care- By Coach Gaz

By 30th June 2016March 10th, 2017No Comments

Taking Care of Your Hands by Coach Gaz

 We all love our gymnastics and barbell cycling. After doing crossfit for a few months, our volume increases and our hands take the brunt of it.

Hands tearing are never fun and often limit us for a few days as to what we can do in the gym.

Why it is great to develop tough hands, they can be a nuisance if not taken care of right. Some people see tearing your hands as a CrossFit ritual but anything that keeps you away from the best hour of your day is not good. I have torn my hands twice in the last 6 months. Once in competition and once because I forgot my gymnastic straps for a WOD with high volume c2b. Both times, even though not meaning too, has resulted in limited crossfit activity.

Here is what I recommend to do to help your hands from ripping but to also keep them protected

1- Moisturise

Moisturise your bloody hands. Don’t be that guy(or girl) that thinks they are too cool for a bit of moisturiser. If your hands get dry they will crack easier. Treat yourself to a nice smelling fruity moisturizer and your hands will thank you. Even a sneaky manicure now and again wont hurt anyone(yes that is me)

2- Shave your calluses

It may sound sick and disgusting but it’s the only way to stop your hands from tearing while keeping the skin hard. I get my shaver from boots(about 6 Euro) and it works wonders. Best to do it after your shower as your hands are a little softer. Be careful to go too deep though, just a few light scrapes will be enough to keep your hands ticking over.

3- Wear hand protectors

Gymnastic straps are a great way to stop your hands from tearing. The last thing you want is to have to stop a workout because it was your hands that gave way. Even if you don’t use them too often its better to have them and not need them then need them and not have them. I always use them on pull ups, c2b, t2b and bar muscle ups.

I buy mine of but you can get them online from ebay or amazon pretty cheap.

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