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Wednesday February 10th

By 8th February 2016No Comments

Warm up 

High knees, heel flicks, squat walks, lunge walks, marchers, bear crawls with low hips, bear crawl with high hips
Walk through ring support superfriend scaling option


15min emom.
Min 1- 3 X muscle up/3 X ring dip with 6sec support/supported ring dip X 3 with 6 sec support.
Min 2- 6 hspu/ pike push up/ seated press X 6/6.
Min 3- 30sec gymnastic plank/Lsit


5 rnds:
10/10 front rack lunges,
5-10 pull ups/c2b.

Optional emom X 5: 30 doubles, 15 doubles, :30 sec doubles

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