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Transition Year Work Experience at CrossFit 353

By 9th November 2015March 10th, 2017No Comments

My Week at CrossFit 353.

My week at CrossFit 353 has most definitely been a highlight of my year so far. The week gave me an excellent opportunity to broaden my knowledge on CrossFit and conditioning as a whole. It gave me an insight into what it takes to run a gym and run classes. I was asked to do many tasks which ranged from spectating classes to eventually leading a warm up. It was an eventful week, one in which I learned a lot from. I was constantly active through out the week and was never left bored, I was always completing a task which Peter or Gary assigned to me.

I feel that this unique experience really taught me a huge amount about the commitment and dedication involved in running a gym. And how much work goes on in the background. Coming in early in the morning and leaving late at night, working very hard, the staff still managed to be optimistic and positive through out the day. I was amazed by this in particular. I learned through 5 early mornings that this commitment  is not easy to obtain, and I greatly admire the staff for that.

The week also thought me that running a gym isn’t as glamorous as many people think. Quite a bit of hard work goes into keeping the gym running and making sure customers are pleased. I learned a lot about the CrossFit community and how pleasant everyone is. Everyone was always very kind towards me and to others and there was never a negative word spoken. I was allowed to participate in the classes and all the coaches were very helpful by correcting my mistakes and showing me how to improve in a very positive way.

Over all, my week in CrossFit 353 was a fantastic week and one that I will always remember as probably the most enjoyable and educational week of my life so far. I am very grateful for the unique experience that I got and I would like to thank Peter, Gary and all the staff for taking great care of me over the past week and showing me all the details behind running a CrossFit gym. I cannot begin to describe how impressed I was by CrossFit 353 and how great an time I had over the course of my week with them.

By – Padraic Mulligan

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