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Friday February 20th

By 15th February 2015No Comments

Warm up: 10reps each follow the coach 3rnds:
glute bridges with mb between knees
mb squats
mb swings
mb diagonal chops
mb oh reverse lunge

Movement prep: Sumo prep and activation( focus on bracing at each point in warm up)

Strength:Take 20mins to establish a 1rm sumo deadlift:
go every 2mins:
set 1: 65%,
set 2:70%,
set 3:75%,
set 4:80%,
set 5:85%,
set 6:90%,
set 7:95%,
set 8:95%+,
set 9:95%+,
set 10:95%+

WOD: for time complete
20/20 oh lunge with plate 20/15
40 box jump
20/20 oh lunge
100 doubles

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