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Monday February 2nd

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A1) Warm up: 3rnds not for time of quality reps:
10 knee to elbows
10 box jumps
10 pistols

A2) Movement prep: Ankle and hip openers, flamingos, straight leg split, glute rotations.

B1) EMOM x4mins: back squat
Set 1-10reps
Set2- 8reps
Set3- 6reps
Set4- 4reps

B2)EMOM x 12mins:
back squat x 2reps(3010)

C) 5rnds for time: 20min time cap
10 stoh (50/35)
10 burpees
10 hang cleans
10 burpees
10(5/5) reverse lunges
10 burpees

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