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Fellow Foodies – We Salute You!

By 27th November 2014March 10th, 2017No Comments

Fellow Foodies – we salute you:


Continuing in the health & nutrition theme, this week we’re looking at some of our favourite online, healthy eating resources.

  1. The Wonky Spatula (

If you’re just starting out on Paleo and looking for the do’s and don’ts, this is the place for you. The Wonky Spatula have a Paleo List, outlining very clearly what’s in and what’s out on Paleo. Delving deeper into the site, for the seasoned paleo homemaker, you will find hundreds of quirky and tasty recipes. The wonky spatula is 100% our favourite paleo blog out there and we’re incredibly proud of the author, Nicola who happens to be one of our own @crossfit353. Nicola is always pushing boundaries and thinking outside of the box on her inventive recipes…she’s always bringing us post WOD treats – try her Sticky Pecan Cupcakes! (Tip – You’ll see that for a lot of her recipes Nicola uses a spiraliser that we found on Amazon!)


  1. Paleo Leap (

Coach Gary (follow @garyfeatherstone on instagram) first came across this site. Their two-week paleo meal plan is a great tool to help anyone who is starting out with paleo and gives you a good starting point to guide you through those tricky first few weeks when you are still getting comfortable with cooking and baking clean. We found the recipes on paleo leap so good and easy to follow that we @crossfit353 purchased their ebook, give their chilli burgers a go (tip – Dunnes of Donnybrook butcher have really good chorizo sausage for this recipe).

  1. PaleOMG (

For quick and easy to follow recipes, paleomg is a great page to follow. The page is very user-friendly and we love that you can filter by food type. Try out the crispy chicken strips recipe, we like to make these with a mixed salad and homemade sweet potato fries at the weekends as a quick and easy treat (tip – you can make these in bulk as they will last in your fridge for a couple of days and are very tasty cold as well as heated up).


  1. The Little Green Spoon(

This page was discovered by our Crossfit 353 baking queen and vegetarian, Aisling McGann (follow @aismcgannn on Instagram), who is always ahead of the curve on the best places to find healthy recipes. We love that this page is by another fellow Irish paleo lover. Their recipe for paleo bounty bars is a must try (tip we buy our agave and other healthy sweetners in The Punnet) .


  1. Natural Born Feeder (

At Crossfit353 we recognise that following paleo, 100%, all of the time is not for the faint hearted…in fact we don’t know anyone who does that. For us, it’s about finding a healthy way of cooking and enjoying food that works for you, that’s why we love this Irish food blog by Roz Purcell. When we’re taking a break / treat day from paleo at the weekends, @naturalbornfeeder has some great ideas and recipes. ‘Cheat day’ doesn’t have to be filled with pizzas and Galaxy bars, with a little preparation you can have tasty treats that are filled with goodness. Try out the protein porridge recipe, great on a windy Sunday morning (Tip – if you normally sprinkle sugar on top of your protein, try ½ teaspoon of Stevia as an alternative, we get ours in Nourish, Donnybrook).

  1. I Quit Sugar (

We fell upon this page through an article in the Guardian Online. The article was a real eye –opener to what sugar is doing to our bodies. We follow them on Instagram now (@iquitsugar) and love the constant posts of sugar free snacks & meals. Thanks to I quit sugar we have finally found a paleo breakfast without eggs, Chai Seed Pudding. We got the recipe from the I Quit Sugar book so here it is for you:

75g Chai Seeds

375ml almond milk

¼ cup frozen berries

½ teaspoon vanilla powder

(Tip – we use coconut milk from Tesco instead of the Almond milk, as its less fattening)

If you have any other healthy receipe sources we’d love to hear. Let us know: J

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