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CrossFit 353 – Our Top 5 Healthy Hangouts

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Crossfit 353’s Top 5 Healthy Hangouts

At Crossfit 353 one thing’s undeniable, we’re foodies. We bloody love food. On starting CrossFit and exploring the Paleo Diet, the future looked bleak…no more dinner’s out, no more business lunches with colleagues, no more Sunday brunch feasts. We feared the worst – a life of tupperware and bags of nuts stashed away in our handbags/desk drawers. But who ever said Paleo couldn’t be fun and exciting? We’ve been doing loads of research (poor us) and found that Dublin offers a wide variety of healthy hangouts/eateries, you just have to find them…

Heres our Top 5 Healthy Hangouts (in no particular order, because they’re all amazing!):

  1. The Punnet Health Store/Food Emporium (@thepunnethealth)

The Punnet is a healthfood shop / juice bar / café with two branches in Dublin. The first opened in Glasthule in 2013 and the second opened by popular demand on Lower Mount Street earlier this year (our favourite is the Mount Street one because they have more treats!). The Punnet provides all the paleo essentials that are a part of team @Crossfit353 daily needs; from 3/5 day juice detox packs, protein shakes or specialty coffees (made with almond coconut/ hazelnut milk), (and not to mention the paleo treats at checkout). What we love about the Punnet Food Emporium on Mount Street is that you can also pick up delicious healthy salads and wraps when on the go (which we always are!)…if you’re going for the customised salad box try adding grated sweet potato and grated beetroot! The only thing that makes us sad about The Punnet is that Mount Street doesn’t open on weekends 🙁


  1. Staple Foods (@staplefoods)

If you want a lunch that’s straight from heaven then you need to try Staple Foods in Temple Bar! This is a very cool hangout with delicious food, located underneath the ‘wall of fame’ in Temple Bar. The menu is small but the portions are huge. An amazing way to get your healthy eats in before a heavy afternoon session @Crossfit353. Vegan, gluten free and paleo…they have it all. If you fancy an early breakfast before work that will keep you going through a busy morning then you have to try the ‘vegan buckwheat pancakes, with roast strawberries and cashew butter’ (tried and tested several times by team @Crossfit353, they open from 8am Mon – Fri, so ideal for anyone working around there. If its lunch you’re going for, be hungry (!), and try their ‘zingy Asian style, pulled pork’ salad.


  1. Maia (@maiadublin)

If you’re looking for the @Crossfit353 crew during the week, chances are they’ll be devouring the 353 staple of bacon, eggs and avocado washed down with a bespoke juice in Maia, Ballsbridge. We have become part of the furniture in Maia, and like to keep the guys on their toes by requesting customised juices; ‘Give me the greenest juice you can come up with’, is normally how it goes in there. Maia has a very chilled vibe, but be warned, the lads love the chats so be ready for a bit of banter!



  1. Greenbeards (@greenbeards)

Welcome to LA/NYC…no wait I’m in Ranelagh? Who knew Dublin had become so cool and in tune with our nutritional wants and needs! Greenbeards is a juicery, which specialises in just that… juices. The guys are absolute pro’s in the world of juicing and know everything there is to know. Whether you just want a refreshing juice on a Saturday morning or you have a particular goal that you want to achieve, an ailment that you want to overcome or just need a detox and fresh start…Greenbeards is the place to go. The team are open and extremely helpful…tell them what’s up and they’ll give you what you need! We tried the one day juice ‘wash’ and found the juices were very high quality and gave all the nutrition and energy that we needed throughout the day, we haven’t quite gotten to the 3 day ‘deep clean’ yet but I’m sure with time we will.



  1. The Fumbally

Its too hard for us to choose from the menu in the Fumbally…its all so scrumptious. If you’re being good and sticking to the paleo, then you’ll love the ‘eggs and ham’( we substitute the toasted brioche for avocado), we also love the ‘coconut granola’, washed down with organic coffee and some paleo treats for dessert! The Fumbally is very ‘Alt’, if you arrive in your suit you may stand out like a sore thumb ;)…we recommend your trendiest ‘I’m cool’ outfit and for the guys, if you can grow a massive beard – that will help too! We haven’t tried their dinner yet but the menu looks good and if their breakfast is anything to go by then its bound to be a winner!


More healthy hidden Gems worth a visit:

  1. The Greenery, Donnybrook (Chicken Salad is da bomb) @thegreeneryd4
  2. The Bath Pub, Bath Avenue (great spot for healthy brunch…and dog friendly which we love) @thebathpub
  3. Bunsen, Wexford Street (try their paleo burger and sweet potato fries) @bunsendublin
  4. Blazing Salads, Drury Street (for their vegan burgers, even the boys will love them) @blazingsalads
  5. Borlottie, IFSC (they do a great ‘gym box’ recommended by our friends at Crossfit Dublin) @borlottie


On our list to try next…

–        Yogism pop up in George’s Street Arcade

–        Saba, Molly tells us they do a great paleo lunch-box

–        Honest to Goodness, George’s Street Arcade

–        Kaph, Drury Street

–        Bear, South William Street

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