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Sitting is the new smoking

By 8th May 2014March 10th, 2017No Comments

-By Sinead McGann

The nature of most of our lives is that we spend too many hours of our day sitting in a bad posture. Be it driving to the office, working at a desk, or slouching in class, we are all guilty of it. Superman Kelly Starrett mentions in his book, The Supple Leopard, that no matter how hard you train, if you sit at a desk all day, you are actually leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Sitting shortens your hips and rounds your back. Sitting for prolonged periods results in you potentially not moving your hips through full range of motion throughout the day. Stiff joints lead to poor and inefficient movement patterns!

I started CrossFit in September when Crossfit 353 opened down the road from me. As most people do, I quickly became addicted and obsessed about the technique and movements that we were learning. Watching videos, foam rolling and talking about “how to improve my squat” became part of my evening routine! Many people ask the question, what is CrossFit about?

CrossFit teaches you how to be competent in all positions that your body should be in, giving people a people a fundamental skill-set of movement. It incorporates some gymnastics, Olympic lifting, joint mobility, running and rowing.

At the beginning, you will learn technique, how to perform Olympic lifts with a PVC and the progressions and regressions of the exercises. Firstly, you get the skill down and nail the technique. Once you have that mastered, you challenge the skill with load, volume, intensity, duration and speed.

Each class begins with a thorough warm up, followed by a mobility component, a strength component and finished with a WOD. The WOD, workout of the day is high intensity metabolic conditioning, the kinda workout that will get you in shape! I remember my first class, a 15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats. All of the workouts are scaled to your ability and you are always working to progress in each exercise, be it lifting heavier, doing a pull up without assistance or performing a “man” push up.

The best thing about 353 is the people there and the atmosphere created in the box. No matter how stressful your day has been to that point, you will be welcomed into the class, be challenged, and meet great people who share similar goals to you and leave smiling. So many positive vibes :).

Peter, Gary and Royce are very passionate about teaching people to be better. They are constantly seeking feedback, learning and developing their skills. As a member of 353, their motivation to continuously improve inspires me to constantly challenge myself, set goals and seek guidance for improvement.

During the second month of 353, everybody took part in the 30-day paleo challenge. Many of us didn’t know what the paleo diet was or how to incorporate it into our daily routines. Gary took the time after class to explain it to us in great detail. Each day, 353 posted a sample paleo meal to keep us motivated. I love a challenge there was a great sense of community created as we all went through it helping each other out along the way!

353 is not just a great place to get a good workout, it’s a community of awesome people coming from different backgrounds who are motivated to be better!

As a physiotherapist, just about ;), you often find yourself educating people about the benefits of exercise, or just moving in general! CrossFit gets people out exercising, putting their joints through range, building strength and learning how to move properly. Sitting is the new smoking; it has the potential to cause so many physical deficiencies, which in turn can lead to chronic pain and injuries. We can all learn how to move better and care for our bodies!

Invest in yourself, give CrossFit a go!


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