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Dr Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Making Excuses And Love The Gym

By 26th April 2014March 10th, 2017No Comments

By Rory Dungan

Crossfit is indeed a strange love. Hence the Kubrik reference above. One month in. I’ve gone from being one of those people who mocked the ‘cult’, to being an addict! But how often can you say an addiction is actually a positive one?!

I’ve always been into fitness…but not THAT into it. I’ve always gone to the gym, but not THAT often. And I’ve always played sport…well you can see where this is going…

I was tempted to try Crossfit 353 by a mate. I was seriously dubious at first, and actually rebuffed him several times before cracking. I went along purely ‘just to see what it’s all about’.

And now I don’t know what I’d do without it. I push myself ten times harder than I ever would on my own. And it’s not just the group mentality and the encouraging words of the wonderful trainers, Gary, Peter and Royce. It’s the inventiveness of the exercises. The cleverness of combining movements that work multiple muscle groups all at the same time, making for a more efficient (and exhausting) workout! It’s intense, and I initially struggled for a few days after each session with stiff muscles but it actually started getting easier about two weeks in! One hour in Crossfit is equivalent to my previous week worth of gym visits! And I’m now doing Crossfit┬áthree times a week! And one of my other worries, that I might actually do myself damage or put my back out was put to bed straight away. Peter and Gary both took an age with me, going over the exact techniques for all of the lifting exercises and making sure my form was correct, they’ve been supremely patient as it’s still very much a work in progress

I can understand the skepticism of those outside the community, but I really would recommend joining, or at least trying it out. It’s a very sociable way to exercise and everyone encourages each other hugely. There’s a really shared feeling of a job well done at the end of each session.

I’m 33 now, I only wish I’d started earlier! I’m an absolute convert! And I’m embracing the ‘strange love’!

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