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WOD for Tuesday February 25th

By 25th February 2014No Comments

Fundamental of the week: squat- front squat

Warm Up: 4 lines
Pike wheelbarrow walks
Heel walks with overhead
Toe walks with overhead
Broad jump burpees

Strength: Shoulder press 10×2 (taking 60 seconds between each set)

Accessory: single leg squats 5×4/4(focusing on eccentric control)
Accessory to be completed after strength and only if there is time

Tabata format-20 secs on 10 secs off for 8 rounds(4mins work)
Row for cals
Air squats
Press ups
Sit ups
Pull ups/ ring rows

3 ppl on each station, staying on station till 4 mins is up then changing over with 10 secs
Record lowest score on each exercise and add all lowest scores together


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