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WOD for Thursday February 13th

By 13th February 2014No Comments

Fitness domain of the week: flexibility
15 sit ups to pike
Hold pike for 2 mins
15 sit ups to straddle
Hold straddle/pancake split for 2mins
15/15 side leg swings
hold middle split 2mins

Warm Up: in teams of 2 for 5 mins complete
Max hs hold while partner completes
Max hollow rocks(hollow rocks keep going until partner kicks down)

Strength: deadlift 8×3
Accessory: ring rows 8×3 (adding weight if able for 3 reps. Change grip every set)

200m mb run
30 wall balls 6/10
400m mb run
20 wall balls 6/10
200m mb run
30 wall balls 6/10


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