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WOD for Wednesday February 12th

By 12th February 2014No Comments

Fitness domain of the week: flexibility
Hip capsule MWOD(on box)1min either leg
Hip capsule MWOD (on floor with band)1min either leg
Hold pancake split 1mins
split progression with band above chest 1min

Warm Up: MB clean drills

Strength: power cleans 6×3(3 warm up light sets)
Accessory: Multi directional hurdle hops

Conditioning :
WOD: 12mins EMOM complete
5 box overs(no step ups)
5 thrusters 50/30 40/16 16/10
If you do not complete the round in the minute, take the next minute to rest. Your score is total rounds gotten within the 12 minutes


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