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WOD for Monday January 20th

By 20th January 2014No Comments

Skill of the week: Ring Skill(inverted hang- front lever)

Warm Up: 3 rounds
5 strict pull ups-using band if needed
3 muscle up rows
Lsit on rings x 10 seconds
10 air squats

Strength: Back squat- 6×4
Accessory weighted sit up :6x 10

WOD: in teams of 3 complete
100 doubles each (L1: 50 doubles, L2: 300 singles)
Kettlebell front squat (L1: 24/16, L2: 16/12, L3: 12/8
Can only work when partner is in handstand hold, if he/she comes out then must stop until back in hs hold

Score is total amount of Kettlebell front squats, can only change when doubles are done


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