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WOD for Friday January 17th

By 17th January 2014No Comments

Skill of the Week: Clean technique

Warm Up: 3 rounds not for time
5 x HSPU
5/5 pistols
10 hip extensions(using weight if needed)

Strength/skill: take 15mins to work on one of your goals(muscle ups, ring skill, double unders, butterfly’s, squat, deadlift)
12min EMOM snatch work
1 x high hang snatch
1 x hang snatch
1 x full snatch

WOD: In an 8 min time cap complete
3 rounds of
12 box jumps
12 push press 40/20
In the remaining time complete as many cleans as possible with your push press weight(specific scaling options on the cleans will be on the board)


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