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WOD for Tuesday December 10th

By 10th December 2013No Comments

Skill of the week: Air squat
Working on banded front air squat today, superset with super couch stretch(5mins)

Warm Up: Junkyard Dog(8mins)

Strength: Klokov Press(behind the neck press)
Superset with pistols5/5- use box or rings for support(15mins)

WOD Prep- 5mins

FGB style
Toe to bars/v-ups**
Clean 35kg/20kg/16kg swings**
Box over jumps
KB snatch(must complete one on both arms for rep to count)
Chest to bar/pull ups/banded pull ups/ring rows**

5 stations, 1 minute on each station, with 1 minute between rounds, for 3 rounds
** what ever you choose to start on you must finish on example: start on pull ups, finish on pull ups, can’t drop down to ring rows once clock has started
Scaling options will be on the board


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