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WOD for Tuesday November 26th

By 26th November 2013No Comments

Skill: Snatch Pull and snatch balance

Warm Up: KB complex

Strength: Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3-3
Rest between sets is 3-5 ring dips*

WOD: ” Clean Cindy”
In teams of 2 complete 20min AMRAP of
5 pull ups/ring rows
10 push ups/box push ups
15 air squats
Partner A does one round of Cindy while partner B completes 5 cleans**

Scaling options will be on the board
*if you can’t get more than 3-5 strict ring dips add band but only working to that 3-5 reps range
If you can get 3-5 easily, add weight
**the clean weight must be the same for both partners and can not be changed once the WOD begins


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